Teacher Lessons: N-S

Teacher Lessons: N-S

Learn all about letters N-S with teacher Miss Cathy. Make sure you repeat the sounds and words after her when she says them. After the lesson, watch the song and sing along. There's activity pages to practice letter writing, too! Make yourself a letter wizard!

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Teacher Lessons: N-S
  • Lesson - The Letter N

    If you've heard the word 'no' - you've heard the sound for the letter 'N'. Listen and practice along with Miss Cathy as she explains. Watch the video called 'Not Now (And Not Now Either)' next!

    Spanish: Si has escuchado la palabra "no" - usted ha oído el sonido de la letra 'N'. Escucha y pra...

  • Lesson - The Letter O

    Here's another letter sound that's made with the mouth open, nothing stopping the sound. It's the letter 'O'. Learn more about one of the sounds it can make and new words like 'opera'. This lesson goes great with the video 'Oliver The Otter.'

    Spanish: Otra letra que tiene un sonido que se h...

  • Lesson - The Letter P

    Here's a fun letter - think of the word 'pop' or 'purple' - it's the letter 'P'. Practice making the sound with teacher Miss Cathy! The lesson goes great with the song video for 'Party Pants.'

    Spanish: Aquí está una letra divertida - piense en la palabra "pop" o "púrpura" - es la letra 'P'....

  • Lesson - The Letter Q

    Learn about the letter Q with teacher Miss Cathy. Quiet now, listen carefully. For more letter Q practice sing along to the video 'Quiet, Quiet I See A Quail.'

    Spanish: Aprenda acerca de la letra ‘Q’ con la maestra Cathy. Silencio por favor que la maestra Cathy va explicar más.

  • Lesson - The Letter R

    Follow along with Miss Cathy as she explains the sound for the letter 'R'. For more fun with the letter 'R' see 'Raining Raccoons.'

    Spanish: Presta atención mientras la maestra Cathy explica cómo hacer el sonido de la letra "R".

  • Lesson - The Letter S

    The letter 'S' has two different sounds so listen carefully and practice along with Miss Cathy. Learn more words with the letter 'S' with the 'Tony Spumoni and Eddie Spaghetti Song.'

    Spanish: La letra 'S' tiene dos sonidos diferentes. Para escuchar los sonidos diferentes preste mucha atención...