Nursery Rhymes Volume 3

Nursery Rhymes Volume 3

Sing along to fun songs about animals, teapots, mountains and more! With on-screen words it's a great way to practice reading. For letter writing practice and creative fun, download and print the coloring and activity pages!

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Nursery Rhymes Volume 3
  • Jack and Jill

    Poor Jack! He fell down and got quite a bump. Sing along to a classic rhyming song.

  • Animal Fair

    There's lots of action at the fair! Sing along and watch the animals do amazing things! It's fast and fun!

  • The Bear Went Over the Mountain

    Follow the bear as he goes on an adventure over the mountain and river. What do you think he saw?

  • Ding Dong Bell

    Oh, my! Someone is in the well. Let's see who it is and find out how they got there.

  • Do Your Ears Hang Low?

    Some animals have short ears and some have long ears. Can you think of some with long ears? They would look silly if you tied them together to make a bow!

  • Green Grass Grew All Around

    Practice listening and remembering in this fun song that starts with one thing, adds on more and you have to say them again and again.

  • Jimmy Crack Corn

    Here's a great song to dance to, it goes fast and slow! Get ready, here we go!

  • Little Brown Jug

    Here's a song about a happy family that lives in a little house!

  • London Bridge is Falling Down

    Here's a classic song about a bridge. Put your hands up, pretend you're a bridge and let people pass underneath. Here we go!

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